Feature Film

Status: In Development (NFVF)

Aspirant Qgom producer and DJ, Qhawe (Q), his girlfriend Kaley and best friend Sandile (Sandy) are out celebrating Qhawe landing his dream gig. On a routine visit to their dealer, Thando, Q and Sandy find him dead. In a moment of bad judgment, Sandy takes a bag full of drugs and money, drugs that Q decides to sell in order to pay back his mothers’ loan shark debt. This is a decision which sets in motion a violent game of cat and mouse, spanning Durban’s nightlife scene, between them and Thando's lover, Ruaan, a ruthless drug lord, who now thinks they are responsible for Thando's death. His young lover's death forces him to come to terms with his own sexuality as the grief drives him. He will stop at nothing to avenge his young lover’s death.